Are you or someone you know drowning in school debt? Well, you are not alone. Another well-recognized university will be increasing their tuition in the upcoming school year. Rutgers University is increasing their tuition on its New Brunswick campus by 2.3 percent which is equal to about $337 a year. The average in-state undergraduate student will pay just under $15,000 for tuition a year and various fees. Furthermore, students will pay about 1.9 percent more for housing and a whopping 2.25 percent more for dining services. In total, a first-year student living on campus will pay just under $28,000. Seems like a big chunk of a change right?

Job Seekers Search For Employment At Career Fair Hosted By Rutgers
Credit: Chris McGrath / Staff

According to, Sandy J. Stewart, the chair of the Board of Governors stated, “We understand that any increase is difficult for our students, but we must balance that with the need to provide access to the highest quality education for students”. The tuition increase will also effect other types of students including, out-of-state students and undergraduates by 2.3 percent too. The university stated that the new rates were approved as part of a $4.3 billion budget and the tuition raise will take affect upcoming school year.

Rutgers officials accredited the higher tuition rates to future salary increases for current employees and academic expansion. It seems like an extremely difficult decision to increase rates of college tuition. To all current/future college students, I feel your pain.

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