I've heard many people say, "I don't get why my college tuition is still so expensive when we have to take classes online." Really, we can't blame students for saying that. As of now, for students that attend Rowan University, it looks like they aren't going to complain as much.

NJ.com recently reported that Rowan University is planning on lowering the tuition and other fees by about 10%. That is not bad at all. That is a pretty good amount of saving, right?

It was stated on NJ.com that in-state students can probably save somewhere around $1400 or perhaps a smidge more. The president of Rowan University told NJ.com that the decision to give students and parents a 10% discount was mostly made due to the " financial distress of the pandemic." It was also mentioned that the president of Rowan University understands that families are "facing significant hardship."

If you are asking, "What about students that are out of state?" According to NJ.com, out-of-state students will be receiving a 6% discount on tuition and fees which can equal about $1,438.

Other schools have been making the same decision as Rowan University and have given students a lower tuition price, Princeton University being one of them.

We also learned from NJ.com that students are also allowed to apply for a scholarship to get some sort of help during these tough times.

I agree with all of the students that say I am at home taking classes using my own equipment why do I have to pay so much. Any discount on tuition will come in clutch.

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