I have been in Twitter Jail one too many times I must admit. Twitter has gotten super strict on what they allow to be said or posted on their platform. So me being the outspoken person I am, have gotten my account frozen numerous times. It happens all the time! You can say something about the government, a public figure, or even something silly and be at risk of getting your account deactivated. Well in this particular situation, the latter is the case.

A Philadelphia non-profit organization called the Mighty Writers got their Twitter account deactivated on the 10 year anniversary of their company! Why? Simply for turning 10 years old.

The Mighty Writers are an educational organization that is dedicated to helping kids get excited about reading and writing. On the 10th anniversary of the program a staffer decided to send out a celebratory tweet. Right away Twitter’s automatic security procedures kicked in. The algorithm apparently decided the account was guilty of violating the platform’s terms of service, which state that users must be at least 13. So literally Twitter thought the owner of the account was a 10 year old person celebrating his or her birthday. How hilarious is that!?

So if you are one of the Mighty Ducks 4,000 plus followers and have been missing tweets from the organization, it has been on lock down. Apparently the organization has been trying to  get in contact with Twitter to get their account back up and running , but have been unsuccessful so far.

Can we start a hashtag to help them out? #FreetheMightyWriters. Lets make it trend Philly!

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