We've all heard the expression "lightning never strikes twice," but what are the chances that two lottery tickets worth a million dollars each would be sold at the same store?  Pretty good, if that store is Classic Wine & Liquor in Wrightstown. 

According to the Courier-Post, a Powerball ticket worth $1 million was sold at the Burlington County liquor store in 2017, and just last month another ticket worth a million bucks (this time, a Mega Millions ticket) was sold at the same store.

The manager of the store, which is located on Main Street, told the Courier-Post that both winners were regular customers.  The store received $2,000 for each winning million dollar ticket.

The latest million-dollar winner matched all 5 of the white balls drawn on Dec. 28th.  There was no grand prize winner in that drawing, but several days later a winning Mega Millions tickets worth $437 million was sold in New York.

The current jackpot stands at $45 million.  The winning numbers will be drawn on Tuesday night, and you can bet that many people who buy tickets at Classic Wine & Liquors will be hoping lightning strikes 3 times


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