Uber has announced some new rules to protect drivers and passengers during the current coronavirus pandemic, according to Business Insider.

The rules will take effect this Monday (May 18th), as many people start to go back to work, to prevent further spread of the virus. All people in the car, drivers and passengers, must wear at face covering at all times. Drivers will be required to upload a selfie of themselves, with their mask on, on the app. Drivers will have the right to cancel your trip if you have no mask. You will also be able to report anyone, by adding comments, who does not follow the rule, and as a consequence, they may be kicked off the app.

The new rules also include sitting in the backseat only...no more front seat riders, and keeping the windows open enough to get some ventilation in the car. UberX riders will have to adhere to a lower maximum capacity, from four passengers to three.

Uber is spending $50 million on things like face masks and hand sanitizer for drivers to give their passengers, and disinfecting supplies for their vehicles. Drivers will have to report that they're regularly cleaning their car and washing their hands.

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, said during a virtual press conference, "Everyone must take proper precautions not only to protect yourself but also the driver and the next person getting in the car after. It's about protecting not only yourself but everyone around you."

These new rules will be in effect until at least the end of June.

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