Looks like Uber is really trying to get rid of the whole "taxi company" reputation or at least that’s what it seems like. Well they already have Uber-eats, which is networked with hundreds of restaurants across the country. Apparently, that's not enough. How about Uber gets drones involved to make more money for the 3 billion dollar company?

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Credit: Jack Taylor

By 2021 Uber is trying to have flying drones delivering your food in many major markets. This isn't really happening unless it really impresses investors. Even though Ubereats has been extremely profitable for the company, can flying drones be the same way?

If you think about it, your food can possibly get to your door step extremely quick. The Chief Executive at Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, mentioned at a company's conference that food delivery with a drone can take from 5 to 30 minutes. Before any of these crazy cool and quick deliveries can be done, the Federal Aviation Administration has to create some rules. While there is still a lot to go into it, some drones can possibly be out delivering your food as early as March of 2019.

Just like any other electronic we are sure there are down sides to this and things that will make you second guess if its a good idea or not. Will it work in the rain? Can it really figure out where my house is? Can someone track it down and have my food stolen? We will have to wait and see because from what we know now other huge companies, like Amazon, haven't been too successful with drone deliveries.

We are excited for this but also skeptical about it.

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