If there’s one thing that all 90s - 2000s kids can agree on is that we share a love for Sponegbob.

If you were born during that time period, I know you came home from school every day, turned on Nickelodeon, and watched Spongebob until you went to sleep.

Or, at least, that’s what I did. If Spongebob Squarepants makes you reminiscent of your childhood then this is the ultimate event in Philly happening tomorrow that you HAVE to go to.

Underground Arts is hosting this event called Bikini Bottom Rave and it honestly looks like the best way to kick off the weekend in the Philly area. There’s nothing I love more than letting loose on the weekends, having some drinks with your friends, and dancing. Now, adding Spongebob to the mix?

This sounds like ‘The Best Day Ever’ (no pun intended).  A lot of clubs and bars all over the world have been jumping on the bandwagon for these themed club nights. I’ve seen so many Disney Channel, Taylor Swift, One Direction, and even Shrek-themed club nights that have made me so jealous that I wasn’t able to go.


Basically, the clubs will get music that matches the theme and decorate the clubs a certain way and it always looks like everyone who goes has the best time.

Now it’s finally Philly’s turn to make the people of TikTok jealous with this Spongebob rave at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. It will all start at 9 pm on February 3 at Underground Arts.

Tickets are posted on their website now and you can buy them electronically. This event is 21+, so I’m sorry to the young Spongebob fans. Underground Arts is located at 1200 Callowhill St, Philadelphia, PA, 19107.

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