I haven't traveled anywhere on a plane since my honeymoon two years ago. Since we got married, we've been pretty busy. We bought a house, we got a puppy and our son was born 8 months ago, so there hasn't been any time to travel. We had planned to go away somewhere for our two year wedding anniversary since I was pregnant for our first anniversary last year. But, with the coronavirus pandemic, we are very limited on where we could go, plus, we both don't have the personal time to take to quarantine for two weeks and we are also afraid of bringing germs home to our son. So we've decided to hold off on a vacation where we have to get on a plane until it's a little safer.

People are traveling to other states and country though, I see tons of people on my social media news feeds. I'm hearing lots of flights are cheap right now and airlines like United offering some sweet deals. ABC News reports, United Airlines is doing away with their $200 fee that passengers get when they change a flight. It makes perfect sense to get rid of it since people have had to cancel things last minute due to the coronavirus pandemic. So if you're traveling anywhere in the U.S. and you're buying an economy ticket and you have to cancel or change your flight, you will not be charged the $200 fee.

There a few more changes United is making for passengers traveling with them. For more info, check out this article from ABC News reports.

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