Geoffrey Owens's story went viral without his knowledge earlier this month when a customer took a picture of the actor working at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey. At first, Geoffrey admitted he felt shamed after the photo went public, but he's definitely not feeling that anymore! Since the incident, he has been getting a lot of attention from celebrities willing to help him out. Nicki Minaj offered to send him $25,000 and Tyler Perry personally invited Geoffrey to work on his show, 'The Haves And The Have Nots,' on OWN.

The actor's schedule is starting to look even busier now with news of another acting role because I saw today on that he just landed a new gig on "NCIS: New Orleans."

As of now, I don't know what episode(s) will feature Geoffrey, but the new season of "NCIS: New Orleans" comes back to CBS later this month.

I'll mention it again, I think the viral photo of Geoffrey working as a cashier was a blessing in disguise because so far he's landed two amazing acting opportunities!

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