Last week, we ran down a list of some of the most popular TV shows set in Philadelphia.  And now, another show may get added to that list.  According to, Fox is developing a TV show based on an auto repair shop located in Upper Darby, PA.  What makes this auto repair shop so special is that is owned by and designed for women.

Girls Auto Clinic's website states "Mechanics that talk like you and think like you - finally!"  The shop was founded by Patrice "Patty" Banks and, in fact, the working title for the comedy-ensemble show is "Patty's Auto." It is being produced by actress Elizabeth Banks's production company, Brownstone Productions.  Banks (no relation to Patty) is best known for her roles in the Hunger Games trilogy and the series of Pitch Perfect films.  There's no word on when or where the show might air.


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