Usher has got a confession: he didn't give credit to Philadelphia songwriter Daniel Marino for his 2004 hit, "Bad Girl"

Marino sued Usher for failing to give him credit for helping to create the track. Marino says he helped create other elements to the song such as it's tempo, guitar hook, and chord compression.

Marino also went after Dante Barton, who owned partial rights to the song. Marino mentions that Barton and Usher added a beat and lyrics to the music, without giving Marino credit for his contributions.

Last week, a settlement was reached by Barton's representatives, where he agreed to pay Marino $17.75 million.

The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas also ordered Usher to pay $20.25 million for damages.

Marino now owns third ownership rights to the song.

The case began in 2011 with a suit against Usher and 20 other defendants for breach of contract, fraud, and other accusations. All of the other cases were dismissed besides the suit against Usher and Barton.

"For seven year's, against all odds, we believed in our client and his claims," Marino's attorney Francis Malofiy tells The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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