If you aren’t from the area and are visiting the Jersey Shore this summer, there are a ton of iconic places you need to hit during your time here.

Of course, it could take a while to drive around the state to see all of these attractions, but the good thing is you may be able to check out at least 2-3 of them no matter where you’re staying. People love to hate New Jersey and claim that there’s nothing fun to do here, but that is so false.

There are so many stops that you have to hit while you’re here because there’s nothing like it anywhere else. Of course, we know the main stops like Wildwood, The Jersey Shore T-Shirt Shop, or any Jersey Shore landmark for that matter, but there are plenty of others that you need to know about.

From the time that Memorial Day Weekend hits until Labor Day Weekend, the Jersey Shore is packed with locals and tourists constantly.

So, if you aren’t from the area, I want to make sure you’re vacationing like a local and not seeing the boring things! There are a ton of bars, restaurants, attractions, and more that can be enjoyed by anyone from age 8 to 80 on this list.

From iconic bars to aquariums and the boardwalks, this list covers it all to assure that you have the best experience when you’re vacationing at the Jersey Shore! Here’s your online tour of the best attractions and stops along the Jersey Shore!

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