Baskin Robbins is adding non-dairy flavors to their line-up.

I don't know about you but I'm jumping for joy right now ... probably because I'm allergic to dairy but umm ... vegan flavors, who's not down with that!?

According to, here's the info on the vegan options, "The two new flavors are 'Chocolate Extreme' and 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough' (and) they're made with an almond butter and coconut oil base."

Omg ... that sounds so delicious.

The whole reason behind the vegan ice cream options was simply because the company expand their options for customers.

I'm into it, now I'll I have to do it wait until they hit store freezers.

Don't worry the wait won't be super long either "the plant-based ice cream flavors will be available in stores on August 1" says Baskin Robbins via




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