Another one down at the Promenade in Marlton!

Vera Bradley, a luxury accessory, luggage, and handbag store that held a brick and mortar spot at The Promenade at Sagemore in Marlton, has permanently closed, according to Facebook community page A View From Evesham.

In the post down below, you can see that the store front's signage has been taken down and the windows have been papered up.

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According to A View From Evesham, plans for the store to close were in place as early as December.

If you're surprised by this, so am I. There was pretty much no warning that Vera Bradley was closing, but then poof - now it's gone! They didn't even have a "closing" sale.

What we do know is what the storefront between Francescas and Pandora will be replaced by Warby Parker glasses.

Credit: Instagram @warbyparker
Credit: Instagram @warbyparker

If you haven't ever seen a Warby Parker, it's probably because they started off as primarily on online retailer. But now they've expanded to over 160 brick-and-mortar locations. There are 5 other Warby Parker locations in New Jersey, including Princeton, Cherry Hill, Shrewsbury, Edison, Westfield, and Short Hills.

This is pretty characteristic of The Promenade, as different stores have been closing and opening like a rotating door for years.

Construction for the new Warby Parker will begin in February, so it looks like Vera Bradley closed just in time to make way. We'll keep you updated on its progress!

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