There’s nothing better than rounding up a group of your friends and making your way to Atlantic City, NJ for the weekend.

Between the shops, the bars, the casinos, and the activities, Atlantic City is like a giant amusement park for adults.

Something that is for sure going on my agenda for my next visit is making a trip to the biggest arcade in the east which is The Lucky Snake arcade.

If you're familiar with The Showboat Hotel and Casino, it can be found inside there. This arcade transports you to a video game wonderland that the entire family can enjoy.

A lot of activities and events in Atlantic City for typically 21 plus, but this arcade caters to the underage crowd also.

All kids 21 and under are allowed inside of the arcade, but drinks are available for purchase so the adults can find their inner child too.

There are so many games in this place, it looks almost impossible to get bored.

Something really cool that I’m dying to check out is their Storm VR game, a virtual reality simulator that only costs $10 to play.

Not only are there a plethora of arcade games to choose from, but the newest addition to the arcade is also a go-kart raceway.

There’s a junior package that kids ages 6-12 and then an adult race that’s for teens and adults ages 13 and older.


It’s an indoor track that is found right inside the arcade that just opened in late May. Junior race packages are $79.99 and adult race packages are going for $89.00.

It may sound a bit pricey, but you do get a round of mini-golf, a $20 arcade credit, and a 10-lap go-kart race. 5 frames of bowling and a round of rock climbing.

For the price, it’s not only worth it but a steal. This is a must-see AC attraction that’s available for the entire family.

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