UPDATE: Your votes have been counted. We'll reveal the winner after we pick the puppy up this weekend. 

I'm getting a puppy. I know, crazy, right? But I need your help deciding which puppy to get. So I am asking YOU to vote for which puppy my family should get. I am working with a great organization to choose my pup. So don't worry... there's a waiting list for all three dogs, so no matter what... each one will get a loving home this weekend. We're not holding that process up, but we need to decide ASAP. So that, of course, puts the pressure on for us to decide.

  • The first dog is a Cockapoo. She will only be about 18-20 pounds. She is 7 weeks old.
  • The second dog is a Coonhound. She will be a medium-sized dog. She is 6 months old.
  • The third dog is a Champagne Lab. She'll get to be pretty big, around 100 pounds. She is 10 weeks old.

We've been looking at puppies for a while now, but of course, we can't agree on which one should join our family. So I don't know why I'm surprised by this since we can't agree on what to have for dinner most nights.

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They're all amazing little pups, and we will be thrilled with any of them. In fact, if my husband had his way, we'd probably bring all three home. Don't get any ideas, honey. Again, to re-iterate all three dogs will likely go to their loving forever homes this weekend. 

My family has agreed to go with the dog that gets the most votes from you guys. All three have qualities that we love, but they will be different sizes.

I'm sure you've heard me say that I'm not a dog person. I'm really not, but I'm about to be one.

I've never been very comfortable around dogs, probably because I never had one growing up, and I was taught to stay away from our neighbor's dog, Stanley.

My husband, John, has always wanted a puppy, and he reminds me of that every few years, but I have some allergies, and I just didn't really care about having a dog, so the conversations always came to a halt.

Well, within the last 2 years or so, my daughter, Bailey, has joined my husband in rallying me to get a dog. They've been pretty convincing... especially in quarantine. So here we go! We will pick one of them up this weekend.

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