While working what she thought was a normal shift at Under the Moon Cafe in Bordentown, Lorena Bossi got a very unpleasant surprise when she dropped off a check to a couple who ordered dessert. On the back of the receipt were the words, "don't tip immigrants." So what was the reason for this? Lorena spoke Spanish to a fellow employee who was helping her clean a table and apparently, the couple that was sitting in her section did not like that. This upset Lorena Bossi very much, since there seemed to be nothing wrong until this happened. Lorena is actually a second generation American and grew up in the U.S. She and her family are from Uruguay and she speaks two languages.

The owner of the restaurant is an immigrant himself and was totally appalled by this message. It was the couple's first time at Under the Moon Cafe, but the owner says if the couple does return to Under the Moon Cafe, he will be pleasant and won't let them fill his heart with hate. He wasn't raised that way.

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