Walmart employees working on Thanksgiving will receive some extra benefits this year. states that employees working on Thanksgiving Day will get a free meal. Not only that, they will also get an extra 15% off from November 27th through the 30th. That discount will actually be on top of the 10% employee discount they already receive.

In an email to, Walmart states that this action, which they have actually been taking for a few years now, has worked well and has received positive feedback from both employees and customers. The holiday season is always chaotic and employees with good attitudes can help improve customer satisfaction as well as keeping them happy.

Most people don’t want to miss spending time with their loved ones on Thanksgiving, but making sure the staff is taken care of can show appreciation. Are these benefits worth it though?

It was also mentioned on that Walmart stores may not be hiring any seasonal employees this year to ensure their current workers can have the hours of work. With the store being open normal hours on Thanksgiving, it will be more money in the pockets of the current staff members.

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