Valentine's day is right around the corner. You know what that means right? It means there are tons of us about to be really sad. The single people of course. However, there are a lot of single people I know that are genuinely happy about being single, like myself! The only thing that sucks is having some of my ex’s things. I've been trying to get rid of some of the items that have been left behind, without actually throwing it out. I  just don't want to put my own money into it. I'm definitely not driving to go give it back. It looks like Fireball has us covered, because they are going to pay for us to give stuff back to our exes.

Now if you know me you know your girl loves a little drinky drink. Fireball was actually my go to back in college, so the fact that they are doing something so petty like this kind of warms my heart. According to Delish, from now to February 12th they are giving you the opportunity to get rid of all that crap you have lying around from your ex. Here is the catch, they are only giving you a couple of days to do it and they're only choosing 10 people. So the likelihood of you actually winning is probably not that great, but it is still an option.

Want to know how to win? It’ s easy! All you have to do is post a picture on either your timeline or on your story on Instagram with the hashtag #FireballAntiVDay and make sure to tag them @fireballwhiskey. 


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