Could you live in a coffin for thirty hours? Well, six people are doing just that right now at Six Flags Great Adventure. In fact, you can watch the live stream above.

It's all part of the "30-Hour Coffin Challenge," which began yesterday (October 28) at 1 p.m. The "coffin dwellers" each receive a six-minute bathroom break and 13 minutes of cell phone usage per hour. Plus they're fed from their coffin. The competition actually started at a park in St. Louis earlier this year.

The event will conclude tonight (October 29) at 7 pm, but you can watch the live stream from Six Flags Demon District all day.

Six Flags Great Adventure tells us that more than 4,300 brave souls applied to live in a coffin this week. Six were chosen (plus two media personalities). We're giving a special shoutout to Nicole Murray from one of our sister radio stations for joining in the spooky fun today.

Of course, with Six Flags Great Adventure practically in our backyard, it's no surprise that two locals are participating in the event. Our hometown heroes in the coffins are:

Jennifer Gorden of Philadelphia who describes herself as a Halloween fanatic. It's probably no surprise since she actually grew up across the street from a funeral home. She says her dream job is to become a mortician.

Meanwhile, Dan Murter of Levittown, PA  "was destined to make the three H's (Halloween, haunts, and horror) his life's mission" with the last name reminiscent of the macabre. In fact, it's sort of a love story for Dan. His parents actually met at a Halloween party. Dan actually met his wife while acting professionally in a haunt.

What's in it for someone to complete the challenge? Well, if they stay in their coffin for thirty hours, they'll receive two Golden Passes for the 2019 season at Six Flags. Plus, two Express Haunted Maze passes, and a $300 cash prize.

Oh, the best part? They'll get to keep their coffins.

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30-Hour Coffin Challenge Six Flags Great Adventure

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