Omg!!! Only if I didn't have to be on air for the middy and night show ... I would totally do this!!! Maybe they would let me broadcast live from the coffin??? (insert thinking emoji)

Yes, the 'Coffin Challenge' is making it's way to Six Flags Great Adventure.

That means if you can handle spending 30 hours in a coffin you could win either $300 or a park pass this Fright Fest season.

Six Flags is naturally picking six lucky contestants and giving them a shot at this far-fetched challenge, which will take place from 10/28 1p - 10/29 7p.

So yeah, like I was saying, you have to spend 30 hours in a coffin and of course you get bathroom breaks away from your 2 by 7 foot temporary home ... but they're only 6 minutes each every hour. Seems reasonable.

If you come out the coffin, your done. You have to eat and drink in these quarters and also bring your own sleeping materials.


If everyone makes it to the end, their names will be entered in a drawing and the grand prize of $300 goes to the contestant chosen. However, everyone who does last the 30 hours wins a '2019 Gold Season Pass and two Fright Fest passes for the amusement park's Haunted House' according to


Would I really be a friend if I didn't provide you with the link to enter?! Absolutely not ... so here it is! Register here.



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