Earlier this week, actor Zach Woods appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and about halfway through the interview, Kimmel asked Woods where he grew up to which Woods responded "Yardley, Pennsylvania."

Both Kimmel and Woods' responded, "There's no way" when a few audience members clapped at the mention of Yardley.

Kimmel proceeded to ask Woods what Yardley was famous for.  Woods told Kimmel that Yardley was located near the site where George Washington crossed the Delaware River from PA into Trenton.

Woods went on to jokingly describe the "Washington Crossing the Delaware" reenactments that take place each year on Christmas Day.  Check it out here.

According to IMDB, Woods played Gabe Lewis from 2010-13 on the NBC hit comedy, The Office.  He was also a regular on the HBO series Silicon Valley.

Soon, Woods will appear in a new comedy series on HBO called Avenue 5, which according to IMDB will also star Hugh Laurie (House) and Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen).  Take a look at the official trailer:

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