You'll love this. If you're headed to Philly for a sporting event, there's a new Wawa opening this week, where not only can you get some great coffee and a snack before the game, but, beer too, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The new Wawa is being called a "Stadium Store," because it's conveniently located near all the stadiums...Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, and the Wells Fargo 2600 Penrose Avenue, the site of an old auto-scrapping business.

It will still be the same convenience store that you love with a gas station...and beer. Not only will there be beer for sale, but, there will be "Beer Cave," according to the article. What the heck is a "Beer Cave?"  Don't get overly's just a big beer cooler that you can walk into.

It will be the very first Wawa in the city to sell beer. There are only five other Wawa's in Pennsylvania that sell beer....Chadds Ford, Middletown, Horsham, Emmaus, and Blakeslee.

If you're in the area, the Grand Opening Ceremony will be this Thursday morning at 8am (June 17th). If you're one of the first customers there, you can grab a free Wawa Philadelphia t-shirt.

Also, during the Grand Opening, Wawa will show its support in getting the FIFA World Cup to be hosted in Philly in 2026. How cool would that be? The Wawa President and CEO will be there, as well as the chairperson of Philadelphia Soccer 2026, which is a non-profit group formed to work on the bid for the World Cup, and the Philadelphia Union Captain. They will all have a coffee toast. Cute.

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