I'm more confused about this than I am about the pizza.

Have you peeped this at your local Wawa yet? For a limited time, Wawa has started to sell pre-packaged peanut butter jelly and sandwiches... for about $5! In this economy??

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They didn't make a big spectacle about it like they did with their less-than-successful Wawa pizzas. Then again, why would they? It's just a PB&J.

But my question is: Why would they at all? Especially for a price like that?

Call me crazy, but I don't think I am - I feel like buying a peanut butter sandwich at Wawa is counterintuitive.

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If you're hungry, why do you throw your sweatpants on and hop in the car to go to Wawa? Because what you have at home is boring!  It's cheap, and it's practical, and you should probably eat your bread before it goes bad, but it's boring!

You want something with more 'pizzazz' than a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Everybody already has the ingredients to make one at home, but you don't want that, gosh darn it! You want the variety of meats and cheeses and condiments and... you want somebody else to make it for you!

So what kind of sense would make to grab a peanut butter jelly at sandwich at Wawa for nearly $5! Especially when there are just about a dozen other customizable sandwich options?

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From the looks of people's reactions on the Wawa subreddit, it doesn't even look like they're very good. Which, how on Earth do you mess up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich??

byu/herpes_derp inWawa

Comment byu/herpes_derp from discussion inWawa

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Comment byu/herpes_derp from discussion inWawa


No shade to anyone who buys and likes these sandwiches, but for $5? You're better off making it at home!

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