After all this time, you'll finally be able to run into Wawa inside a location right in Montgomery County, PA. A lot of gas stations throughout the country are the easiest stops to get a pack of beer or seltzers before heading home after a long day.

While it's common in Pennsylvania to find beer, wine, and seltzers in gas stations, grocery stores, and other casual stores, you don't see too many Wawas that have an entire alcohol section.

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According to the Hatboro-Horsham, PA Patch, there has been an ongoing battle to get an alcohol section added to the Hatboro, PA location located on 412 S York Road.

The process to get this Wawa location approved for a liquor license has been in the works since last August. According to the Hatboro-Hoorsham, PA Patch,  "Eight months after being turned down by Borough Council, Wawa will be getting a liquor license for its new store after all."

Now, it's official that the Wawa location located at 412 S York Road is in the process of adding beer and wine to its location.

Is It Legal To Sell Alcohol in Gas Stations in Pennsylvania?


Yes, it is legal, but gas stations have to apply for a permit to sell beer and wine. You cannot purchase liquor at any gas station locations. According to Pittsburgh City Paper, "Customers are allowed to purchase up to two six-packs and three liters of wine per transaction."

How Many Wawa Locations in PA Sell Alcohol?

According to PhillyBurbs, as of 2022, 15 Wawa locations out of 253 sell alcohol. A few have been added to the list over the years, including the Hatboro location.

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