According to, Wayfair workers are extremely upset after discovering that mattresses from Wayfair were being sent to a detention center in Texas. The detention centers are where countless migrant children are being detained and separated from their parents at the U.S. border. These children and their families were seeking asylum in our country, but President Trump has cracked down on illegal immigrants, so any immigrants caught trying to cross our border illegally are being detained by ICE and either being held in detention camps or sent back to where they came from. Wayfair workers are extremely upset that the company they work for is helping such a controversial cause.

Representatives from Wayfair say that they need to sell to anyone who places an order with them and as long as they are abiding by the country's laws, they can sell to them. The order came from BCFS which is a nonprofit government contractor who operates detention centers. Wayfair's headquarters are in Boston, and a walkout is planned for 1:30 today and a Twitter account has even been created to organize it.

So will the locations in New Jersey walk out as well? There are two locations, one in Linden and one in Cranbury? We'll have to see at 1:30 today!

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