Since Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is just 21 days away, my family is in full Christmas mode. We're listening to Christmas music and putting up our decorations inside and out. We even got our tree up this weekend and I have to admit I was a little nervous. Why was I nervous? Because we have a 7 month old puppy named Stella and I wasn't sure how she was going to do with a big tree being put in her living room. But, so far, so good and Stella seems to be okay with the tree. Now, when we decide to decorate it, that may be a different story.

Credit: Personal Collection
Credit: Personal Collection

Christmastime can be stressful, and I'm sure we're all going to be running around trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, but we can't forget about our best furry friends. I'm not talking about forgetting to buy them gifts, I'm talking about keeping them safe. Believe it or not, it can also be a dangerous time for your pet.

I was doing some research because I've gotta keep my fur baby safe and I found some great tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association had some great tips like watching lit candles around your pet, not putting tinsel on the tree if you have a cat, and make sure your tree is in a secure place so it doesn't fall over onto your pet. There's also these Pet Friendly Christmas trees you can get that will completely remove the temptation from your pet altogether, but they're not the most attractive.

Whatever you choose to do, please keep your pets safe this holiday season. After all, the holiday season will come and go, but your best furry friend will stay long after you take your tree down.

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