Hey Sixers and Flyers fans, when you head to the Wells Fargo Center, heads up, you'll have less food choices, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

After being closed due to the pandemic for a year, the arena just opened back up again a few weeks ago, but, minus three popular food vendors. Lorenzo & Sons pizza, Rita's Water Ice, and Campo's Deli have closed for good on the concourse. What a shame.

It's not clear why the three food vendors did not return to the center. They do pay to be there, so maybe there was an economic reason. Because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the capacity at the center has been greatly reduced, therefore the need for food is less too, so that may have contributed to the decision.

Lorenzo & Sons pizza has been there for a long time, since 2013. The article says that as of Monday, the signs about all four of its stands were covered in black drape. Rita's has been in the center since 2016, and now all three stands are closed. Campo's Deli didn't open again either, but, is still open at Citizens Bank Park for all you Phillies fans.

Don't worry, you won't go hungry while you're catching a game. Still serving at the center are Chickie's and Pete's (who can resist those Crab Fries? Not me.), Jack & Jill, Dietz & Watson, J&J Snacks, Herr’s, Liscio’s, and Federal Donuts, the article states.

What else would you like to see there to snack on while you're cheering on your favorite team? Hmm...I'll have to give that some thought.

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