A West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School graduate is being hailed as a hero after she saved the lives of a man and a dog in a reservoir in Boston this past Tuesday (9/24).  Katie Kellner, an elite marathon runner who founded her own coaching business, was in the middle of training by the Chestnut Reservoir.  While running, she saw a man on the shore calling to Berkeley, a dog that he had been walking, who had broken loose to chase a swan into the water.  The man ultimately swam into the water after the dog, but when he secured Berkeley he quickly became exhausted.  Thankfully, Katie was still on the scene to strip her running sneakers off and react to his shouts for help by jumping in to save him.

Katie was able to drag the man back to the shore with Berkeley following behind, and stayed with them until EMTs and police arrived.  The man and the dog were shaken up -- as was Katie -- but all are now fine.  She is now being awarded a Compassionate Action Award by PETA.

Katie was born in West Windsor where her parents still reside, and graduated from West Windsor-Plainsboro South High School in 2009.  We are very proud of local hero Katie for her bravery and heroism, and especially because she told us "of course I listened to PST growing up in New Jersey."

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