Somehow I got lucky the day of the MTV VMAs and got access to a ticket to see the show live in New York City! I got a text from a coworker and could not refuse the offer to go attend the iconic show!

Credit: Adam

Let me tell you, I have been to Radio City Music Hall before, but the VMAs were on another level. First, everyone was dressed up and looking as if they walked the "pink" carpet. So it made it feel like I was stepping into a cool party! Every good party has snacks right? Well the VMAs delivered because everything to eat and drink was FREE! There was an open bar along with free soft pretzels, chicken fingers, fries, hot dogs, popcorn and tons of candy!

Credit: Adam

I had a brief close celebrity sighting before going to my seat. I went to go wash my hands at the "gentleman's lounge" by what seemed to be the VIP lounge. As I was walking towards the lounge I walked by Nico Tortorella from the show 'Younger.' I wanted to say hi but just kept walking. I have to say that Nico's outfit was very MTV VMA worthy. It stuck out of the crowd and it had a message!

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Once I got to my seat, I got a better view of the venue and the amazing stage!

Credit: Adam

It was awesome seeing all the celebrities walk in and greet each other. The first celebrity I saw on the floor was Gucci Mane.

Then I saw Camila Cabello and Jennifer Lopez have the nicest interaction of the night. Camila seemed so sweet because she just walked up to Jennifer and waved to get her attention. After they talked for a bit I saw Jennifer introduced her daughter to Camila.

Bebe Rexha was awesome making the rounds saying hi to fans in the pit section and even twerked for them before sitting down! She and Camila seemed to be the life of the show. They danced and sang along to a lot of the performances throughout the night.

Nicki Minaj walked to her to seat as the show started and hugged Ariana Grande immediately. It was cool seeing them have a real connection and friendship since they've collaborated so many times together!

Plus, I definitely could spot Marshmello in the celebrity seats. He was sitting close to the stage and he had his signature helmet on. Side note: I had no idea Marshmello was from Philly!

Pete Davidson and Ariana walked in together and the only time they were apart was when she performed. I noticed when Ariana was getting ready backstage that her brother, Frankie Grande, was there to take her seat next to Pete and cheer his sister on as she performed "God Is A Woman."

Credit: Adam

Once the show started, if felt like a concert, but technically it wasn't. Even though I had a great view of the stage, there were times where the performances took place in another part of the venue.

In fact, I really wanted to see Nicki Minaj's performance live, but it was filmed at the Oculus at World Trade Center. At times, they filmed some stars with their backs turned to the audience as they introduced performances. I had to keep reminding myself they were filming a live TV award show and not a concert. It seemed like there was no downtime either.

During the commercial breaks, the crew members were running around, and others were moving the audience members to different sections of the venue for each performance. They had a limited window to get everyone in place for the next shot of night. I knew the show was about to go live because they had one guy get on the mic to do a countdown "5...4...3...2...clap!" That's when we all knew the show was live again.

I have to say, that seeing the show live was awesome because I was actually seeing it live in front of me! Also liked how it was unedited. I heard exactly what said with every acceptance speech and performance!

The only thing that kind of ruined the night was something that the group in the row in front of me did. They found a way to sneak in something to smoke. Yes...they somehow snuck in their "smoke" of choice for the evening. I have no idea how they didn't get caught. Plus, it was very annoying and it smelled. But I wasn't going to let that get in the way of my good time! I do have to add that the guy sitting next to me kept falling asleep during the show too. How do you sleep during the VMAs??? The only time I saw him and his friend come alive was when Travis Scott performed.

In the end, the show was amazing! So many celebrities and performances under one really was incredible!

Credit: Adam