I drive past the old Toys R Us in Lawrenceville daily and wonder what will be in there next.  What do we need in this area? There are so many vacant stores around, that I would love to see something be a success there, because now it looks so ugly with the grass & weeds growing out front and empty windows! This could be good news...I saw in the Wall Street Journal that the empty stores across the country are starting to be taken over by arts & crafts retailers like Hobby Lobby!  I looooove Hobby Lobby, but, Lawrenceville already has one. It also said that other chains like TJ Maxx & Marshalls are moving in to some locations...and again, we already have those in the area.  Big Lots has also bid on some vacant locations.  There's one of those in Hamilton, so who knows what will eventually move in, but, I like that line of thinking! Bring on the home decorating/crafty stores...that's right up this shopping addict's alley!

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