We've seen a lot of businesses close in the last couple of years in Ocean County.

I'm not sure if we're one hundred percent back from the pandemic after losing several businesses. From restaurants to big box stores, and of course, little local businesses that really took a hit.

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I love how we rally around our local businesses and if you love a restaurant or specific business you let us know and tell us to try it.

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Recently, I asked you what businesses you want in Ocean County for the new year. We had everything from restaurants to stores to some enjoyable stuff for the family. We have room for some great things. I know lots of people are excited about the supersized Adventure Crossing USA in Jackson, which is slowly opening now.

Every time we ask what you want in Ocean County, two of the businesses, no matter what, are Cracker Barrel and Wegman's in Ocean County and you know they made the list.

Fun stuff for the family always makes the list, especially in the winter. In the summertime at the Jersey Shore and Ocean County, there is always something to do with the family, but winter time, we do need more things for families, I totally agree.

And, we get the responses we do not need any more fast food places, Dollar Trees, or Dollar Generals. Several of you wrote we have enough Dollar Trees.

On this list of the "big" 10, mainly restaurants you'd like to see in Ocean County, with some grocery stores sprinkled in that we do not have here in Ocean County.

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