A few of the Lawrence community Facebook pages are buzzing today (Tuesday, December 13th) about what may, or may not be, moving into the current Staples store in Lawrence Shopping Center once it closes its doors for good in early January.

There have been many rumors lately.

I spoke with a store employee a few weeks ago when I heard news of the impending closure (the last day open is January 6th) and she told me the employees had also heard the rumors that it may become some kind of trampoline park or the LA Fitness that was supposed to be built at the other end of the Lawrence Shopping pre pandemic (near the Lidl where Huffman Koos and Goods Furniture once were).

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Another recent rumor is that a carpet store will occupy the site and someone else posted just today (Tuesday, December 13th) that it will be an Office Depot. The person posting that in a private community Facebook page seemed to have the scoop, but when I attempted to confirm the rumor I came up empty.

In yet another Facebook group it was made known that the owners of the Lawrence Shopping Center have nothing set it stone, yet.

Apparently, there are many businesses inquiring about the space including Office Depot and LA Fitness and no new lease has been signed yet.

In the meantime, the going out of business sale continues at Staples. Once the Lawrence location closes the next closest Staples will be in the Windsor Green Shopping Center (where Whole Foods is) on Route 1 South in West Windsor.

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