Something unusual is happening in New Jersey that we're not really used to. Winter is approaching its halfway mark, but still... we've not had any measurable snow!

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Over the holidays, we certainly didn't have a "White Christmas". It was more of a wet and grey holiday season. But usually around January is when we start to brace ourselves for winter to really kick in. Snow boots. Snow plows. Snow Days. Snowball fights. Yet so far, barely any snow shovels have been busted out of the garage.

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What do we mean by "measurable" snow? The National Weather Service classifies a tenth of an inch, or 0.1 inches, as measurable snow, according to Most of us haven't even gotten that so far!

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Has New Jersey ever gone this long without its first measurable snow before? Yes. Even longer.

According to data from the National Weather Service, late-season snowfalls in New Jersey and surrounding areas go back as far as the 1950's! Here are some of the dates for the latest first measurable snow on record:

  • Sussex - latest first inch of snow: Feb. 1 (1955)
  • Newark - latest first inch of snow: Feb. 13 (1992)
  • New York City - latest first inch of snow: Mar. 22 (1998)
  • New Brunswick- latest first inch of snow: Mar. 19 (1992)
  • Philadelphia - latest first inch of snow: Mar. 22 (1992)
  • Atlantic City - latest first inch of snow: Feb. 24 (1989)

Technically, this winter season will run its course from Dec 21, 2022 - March 20, 2023. So there is still plenty of time. We're not even halfway through winter yet.

When will we get measurable snow this winter season?

(As of Jan 11, 2023) There doesn't seem to be any foreseeable snow shower on the way in our area that will give us those fluffy white inches. So if you're hoping to wake up to a white layer on the ground, we'll have to be a little more patient.

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