Need a last minute, but, really cute idea for Valentine's Day? Bring home a heart shaped pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? It's something you can share, along with a bottle of wine, and waa laa, you've got a great night planned.

I asked if anyone knew of any places making heart shaped pizzas in the Mercer County area, and got a few texts, plus, I searched around Facebook for you, and came up with some places you could stop by on your way home.

All of these places say you need to order ahead, so get on the phone right now.

Here's the info...not in any particular order:

1. Cafe Antonio's on Flock Road in Hamilton. (609) 587-8010.

2. Varsity Pizza & Subs on Route 206 in Lawrence (across from St. Ann's church) (609) 882-4100.

3. Salerno's 3 on Lower Ferry Road in Ewing. (609) 883-0700 (Looks like they have a Nutella pie too).

4. Brother's Pizza on Route 33 in Hamilton (609) 586-2707.

5. La Piazza on Church Road in Allentown, NJ. (609) 208-0640

Remember to call as early as you can. They're going to be busy.

I'm sure there are more...let me know.

Enjoy. Happy Valentine's Day.


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