Here's a list you want your college to be on:'s list of the NJ colleges with the highest paid graduates. It's something on every college student's mind, I'm sure. How much will I earn when I graduate? I've spent so much on tutition, will it be worth it? Will I get that high paying job I'm hoping for?  Some colleges are marketing themselves with this info, basically saying, come here, and there's a good chance you'll get a great paying job after you leave. Interesting.

There are 35 NJ colleges on the list. My alma mater, Rider University, landed at #9. Rider is a private, four-year college, and the median annual earnings 10 years after enrollment is $50,600. Not bad.

Down the road, The College of New Jersey, a public, 4-year college, has median annual earnings 10 years after enrollment at $58,500, for the #4 spot on the list.

I thought Princeton University would be #1, but, it's not. PU is a private, 4 year college, and the median annual earnings 10 years after enrollment iis $74,700, making it #2 on the list.

What made the top spot? Click here to find out.

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