I'm a Jersey Girl! I had a house in Seaside Heights for most of my life, so naturally I've always wanted to get married either on the beach or overlooking the water. I mean come on, I live in New Jersey! But now, after a new ban on beach weddings, that may not be a reality for some Brides in New Jersey!

Spring Lake Borough, which is a beautiful beach just down the road from Belmar, has just recently banned weddings because it causes congestion on the walkways and gazebos as well. Uh, duh! Weddings usually do! The town had a problem with people using the gazebos as they waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive. The other problem Spring Lake had was, they didn't require wedding guests to have beach badges to get onto the beach because they normally don't charge anyone to get on the beach! So they found that many engaged couples were choosing Spring Lake to have their weddings, and then crowding up the beaches, which bothered other beach goers! Which makes sense!

The ban starts on November 1st, so if weddings were already planned before that, they're good to go, but after that, NOPE, DONE!

If you're looking to get married on the beach, don't stress there are still many other beaches to get married on nearby like Bradley Beach!

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