It's that time of year when you just want to make sure everyone is happy and is opening a gift on Christmas or has a nice warm meal for the holidays. This time of year is when people tend to donate the most.

As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania was ranked the 6th Most Charitable State. The Garden State, on the other hand, is not as charitable. New Jersey was ranked the 20th least charitable state in the whole country by Wallet Hub.

There were two other categories that every state was ranked for. Those categories were Volunteering & Service and Charitable Giving. For the Volunteering & Service category, Pennsylvania took the 12th spot and New Jersey took the 33rd spot. For Charitable Giving, Pennsylvania landed in the 13th spot and New Jersey the 18th.

According to Wallet Hub, the COVID-19 pandemic really has not stopped people from donating. In 2020 while we were all celebrating a very strict Christmas, people in the U.S. donated over $470 billion to charity.

That is a ton of money.

Here is another fun fact shared by Wallet Hub. There were 5.1% more donations in 2020 during the pandemic than the year prior.

If you are looking for a place to donate, here are a few locations in the Bucks and Mercer County areas.

Bucks County

Mercer County

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