It's holiday season and many people across the country are donating to charities to make sure everyone smiles this time of year. Well, really not everyone because some states are more charitable than others. mentioned that in 2018 U.S Donors gave over $420 billion to charities. That is an insane but amazing amount of money going to charities. Now, Wallet Hub created a list of 2019's most charitable states. Believe it or not, New Jersey is a lot less charitable than Pennsylvania.

According to, every single state was rated 3 different ways; overall, volunteering & service, and charitable giving.

The Garden State isn't the least charitable but extremely close. New Jersey lands on the 29th spot overall.  Pennsylvania, on the other hand, is a very charitable state landing in the 6th spot overall.

Source: WalletHub

As for volunteering & service, New Jersey is 34 and for charitable giving they are 19. The good o' state of Pennsylvania takes the 12th spot for volunteering & service and 11th for charitable giving.

Just in case you were curious to know, the number one spot goes to Minnesota and the overall least charitable state is Arizona.

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