Whole Foods will be opening a store in Montgomery Township, according to an article published on NJ.com.

The store will be on Route 206 (near the Princeton Airport). With its addition, it will become the second store in Somerset County. It's actually going to be Whole Foods 20th location in New Jersey.

The store will specifically be in the Montgomery Promenade along with an L.L. Bean, a Panera Bread, Starbucks, and many other stores as this development project grows. When plans were originally discussed, there was going to be an entertainment complex (with a movie theater and sports venue), however, they dropped out of the proposal. So Whole Foods is now part of the plan.

Unfortunately, we don't have an exact time frame on when this store is opening, but since the development of the Montgomery Promenade started in 2005, and with the demand of stores like Whole Foods Market being so high, I predict they will start breaking ground very soon.

Fingers crossed that we'll have TWO Whole Foods in the Princeton area soon.


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