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If you were scared to tackle the king of all Thanksgiving foods, it's time to put all that aside.  The latest offer from grocery paradise Whole Foods Market will have you ready for the big bird, and we're talkin' turkey!

I get it, the mega-poultry is the centerpiece of any traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Maybe you didn't think too much about the gigantic turkey in two key terms.  Number 1, this thing takes a long time to prepare and cook properly.  We're talking an all-day (or longer) prep and defrosting time.  Then, a carefully calculated cook time and monitoring/basting schedule had to be decided upon and maintained.  Number 2, there is no backup bird (unless somebody's mother-in-law brought one "just in case").

This year, Whole Foods and Progressive insurance have teamed up to cheer you on!  With both the "people's stomachs" and "family reputation" types of pressure bearing down on the chef, you can see why the "holiday insurance" (a $35 gift card) offered to customers that have committed a "turkey cooking fail" is like a breath of fresh air.

CNN reports that the safety net is for customers who have purchased a Whole Foods-branded turkey between the dates of November 11th and 22nd.  If you pick up your bird and your masterpiece ends up being a piece of dried-up, blackened, burnt, or otherwise inedible disappointment this holiday season - you qualify.

Hopefully, the Thanksgiving Turkey Protection Plan will give you courage you need to go full Martha Stewart or Pioneer Woman on that big bird in the freezer.  If you fly too close to the sun and scorch that beautiful thing, at least a some free groceries and a nice bottle of wine will dull the memory of Aunt Linda's judging eyes.

If you have to take advantage of this plan, the official website (here) says you will have to register there and submit these 3 things:

  • Your Whole Foods Market receipt
  • A picture of your turkey fail
  • A brief explanation of what went wrong

Good Luck!

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