People are quitting their jobs like never before. America is currently in the midst of what is being called "The Great Resignation." In August alone nearly 5 million workers quit their jobs because of unpair pay and lack of job security, according to The Shaderoom. This is the highest rate of job resignations since 2000. People are fed up. They are sick of being underpaid, undervalued, and not having the option to work remotely. People want change and are sick of these big business corporations taking advantage of them.

Do you see what is happening in Philly? SEPTA workers are sick of being underpaid and the terrible working conditions so they are going on strike. If a deal is not reached by Halloween, there will be no one to drive the buses, subways, and trolleys throughout the city.

There is also a severe teacher shortage throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Everyone has been so focused on the lack of bus drivers that we failed to realize that teachers are quitting their jobs as well. According to Patch, a lot of teachers have resigned due to the pandemic. What they had to experience over the past two years has been so traumatizing for them that they are leaving for lower stress level jobs. According to Patch, the retirement rate is higher than ever before.

A new bill has been introduced to help combat the lack of teachers in the classrooms. According to Patch, State Rep. Mark Rozzi's bill will allow teachers who are willing to come out of retirement and teach again. 

It breaks my heart that so many teachers are leaving the profession. I know so many teachers who love what they do with all their hearts. And to think that they are giving it up because the stress is too much is heartbreaking.

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