I've been daydreaming since the big announcement came yesterday that Kathie Lee is leaving the final hour of The Today Show on NBC in April. It will be her 11th year there. I've heard buzz that she was actually going to leave the show last year, but she decided to stay a little longer after the Matt Lauer drama.

There's no official word on her replacement, although I've heard Jenna Bush Hager is on the short list. She fills in for Kathie Lee a lot when she's been off.

But I think I could do the job, don't you think?

What a blast that would be! Although, I'm not used to being seen during my show, so I'd definitely need her makeup artist.

What about all the wine she drinks on the show? Hiccup. I don't drink it. In fact, I can't find one that doesn't make me wince. Well, except a nice Moscato, but anyway the show will definitely save on the Boozeday Tuesday funds.

What about Manicure Mondays? My nails are a mess.

Kathie Lee always looks fabulous. So I'm sure her wardrobe must cost a fortune. Cha-Ching! I'm an Old Navy girl all the way...so, you're welcome, NBC. That's even more savings.

Most importantly: they would save on all the astronomical limo fees if they hired me. I don't take a limo to get to PST. Hmmm.

Actually, I would still want a ride to the studio, but I live much, much closer to the city than Kathie Lee does. She lives in northern Connecticut, and I live in Central Jersey. That would be big savings, NBC executives. We're in tough times, right?

Watch out Jenna, and whoever else is applying, I may be coming for you.

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