Hot dog fans, gather around! A Hot Dog VIP is coming to Pennsylvania soon and no, it’s not Joey Chestnut.

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile makes its rounds across the United States and a Pennsylvania town will soon be on its list. This is one of the most amazingly American things that we are obsessed with in the United States and for good reason.

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is a huge car that is shaped like a hotdog that travels around the country for appearances, pop-up events, etc. It was actually in Mercer County, New Jersey once that I know of, but I never got to see it in person.

Honestly, it’s one of my many big life regrets. Now, if you’re from Milton, PA, you may actually be able to catch a glimpse of the famous Oscar Meyer Wienermobile this April when it comes to town!


There’s a feature online where you can track the schedule of the Wienermobile and see when and where it will be on certain dates. I selfishly looked up when it would be closest to my hometown in New Jersey, but there isn’t anything scheduled for The Garden State as of now.

The Wienermobile will be making its way to the Milton Little League Opening Day Tournament in Milton, Pennsylvania on April 20th. If you find yourself in that area, you have to stop by and go see it because it is one of the greatest things to come out of America in my opinion.

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