There's no better feeling for me than being able to pack the car and head down to the Jersey Shore for the weekend. That feeling is amazing. Then once you get down the shore, you open up some wine or a hard seltzer and sit outside and soak it all in and watch the sunset. AHHHHHHHH fantastic! I know everyone has their beach that they go to and if you're a Wildwood person, there's a cool new wine bar that just opened there.

According to, which has news about the Wildwood boardwalk, there is a new wine bar in town! The cool thing about this wine bar is that is also sells alcohol for you take back to your beach house! It's not just a wine bar though, you can get all kinds of drinks there. I feel like this is the perfect spot for as soon as you get down to Wildwood and you're ready to start your weekend! Especially if you're stuck in traffic for a while.

They're open and ready for you to come by, so check them out!

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