Coronavirus has spread so quickly across New Jersey and New York and one of the things both Governors are stressing is social distancing. Among the many rules of social distancing, one of them is you're supposed to stay six feet away from other people. So a lot of people think going to the beach is a good thing. It's a place to go where you can relax and be at peace and possibly avoid other people. However, many beach towns including Wildwood are saying, NO!

According to Fox 29, Wildwood has closed its huge beach and long boardwalk and will not open again until May 1st. The announcement came yesterday (Monday April 6th) and goes into effect tomorrow (Wednesday April 8th) the reason is plain and simple, it will help flatten the curve and help stop the spread of coronavirus. They do say that people are able to partake in exercising, but sitting on the beach in chairs, playing sports with others like volleyball, and groups of people hanging out is where authorities are drawing the line. It makes sense! If people are calling each other up to congregate and sit on the beach, that's not practicing social distancing.

Check out more details about the Wildwood restrictions here.

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