Rumors are swirling on social media that New Jersey and Pennsylvania could see some snow next weekend.

At this point? It's just too soon to really tell. However, some computer guidance suggests a storm will develop on the eastern seaboard. Right now, however, it looks like the storm may just miss our area by staying to our south.

"The next substantial storm system to watch is currently forecast to pass south of New Jersey this weekend (December 8-9)," Townsquare Media New Jersey's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow explained on Monday morning.

He illustrated two track possibilities, according to Dan.

The first track would put us on the northern edge of the storm -- leading to a cold (but relatively dry) weekend.

The other possibility is that the storm would turn up the coast (in a manner similar to a classic nor'easter).

"That would bring precipitation — possibly wintry — into our neighborhood, sometime between late Saturday and early Monday," Zarrow said early Monday.

For now, however, the National Weather Service writes that they're only forecasting a "slight chance of rain and snow showers" on Sunday afternoon. They said they will "continue to monitor forecast model trends to see if a path closer to the coast does begin to look more likely."

Sunday is a pretty long way out right now, so anything can (and probably) will happen to this forecast.

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