The pandemic has caused various events to either be put on hold or canceled. My husband Matt and I had so many wedding invitations for 2020 and they were all either pushed to 2021, or the couples just decided to do something on Zoom or only a few family and friends. Some of the wedding invitations we have on our fridge have been moved multiple times. Our hearts break for these couples, but most of them are in good spirits. Fox News reports that outdoor  weddings in tents are trending and a lot cheaper than having a wedding indoors at an expensive wedding venue. I know for a fact that I had my son's baptism outside because it was in July and restrictions were still a little tight. We rented a tent that came with tables and chairs and we had it catered and we definitely saved a lot of money. It was also really fun to have it outside. I've seen all over my newsfeed of people having their weddings in tents, even in the winter months, they have heaters.

So will outdoor weddings still be all the craze after the pandemic is over? I reached out to the entertainment company that was hired to do my wedding and asked what they thought. Xplosive Entertainment has been doing a ton of safe weddings and events in New Jersey as soon as Governor Murphy signed the executive order extended outdoor parties. Here's what Jaymie had to say.

“Amazing vendors and supportive families and friends are truly all you need to make your wedding day special. Four walls or no walls will not define event success. While the move right now is outdoors, collectively we will still make your day perfect. It can still be beautiful, intimate and personalized.” Jaymie Perez, Xplosive Entertainment


Our wedding was absolutely beautiful. We got married in Monmouth Beach at The Channel Club and we couldn't have asked for a better day. The week leading up to it was raining and there was actually a threat of a hurricane, but when we woke up on our wedding day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Yes, our venue had an option to do the ceremony indoors, but the picture above is from our ceremony, how could we not want our ceremony outside. It was at around 6pm, the sun was almost setting, it was beautiful and romantic and we got tons of compliments on our space. I love outdoor weddings and I am so glad some brides and grooms still got to get married outdoors despite the pandemic.

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