It has almost been a week since Bill Cosby has been released from prison, and apparently he is already trying to get his career back. Just a week ago the Pennsylvania Supreme Court let Cosby go free on what is considered a technicality in sports terms.

No matter how any of us feel about this ruling, Cosby is free and is once again a PA resident.

According to TMZ, Cosby wants to set up a comedy tour. Even though he is 83 year old, can barley walk, can barley see and is one of the most hated men on the planet, he wants to go around the country and see if he can still make people laugh. Cosby's rep, Andrew Wyatt, even said that they are already in the process of talking with promoters and club owners, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. And apparently, a lot of these places are actually opened to the idea.

So who are these promoters? Who are these club owners that want to welcome a sexual predator back into their event space? Assuming he kicks this potential tour off in the same state that awarded him his freedom, should Philly support Cosby's shows? Would you still support places like Helium Comedy Club or Punch Line Philly if they support a man accused of drugging and assaulting women?

Cosby not only wants to do a comedy tour, but he also wants to be a motivational speaker. According to TMZ, his plan is to go around to rough neighborhoods and communities to encourage and inspire residents. Cosby wants to speak at prisons and schools and help stop gun violence.

Given the fact that Philly currently has the worst crime rate in its history, will Cosby try to speak at places like Central High School, Carver High School or even William W. Bodine High School?

These are all things to think about. I'll be interested to see if Philly welcomes back Mr. Huxtable with open arms or if they'll turn their back on him.

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