When you're from New Jersey and you are going "down the shore," most likely you're talking the Garden State Parkway to get there. Most of the time if you're coming from North Jersey, you will have to take it, but my husband and I live in Mercer County and although we can take back roads and other major roadways to get down the shore, at some point we still have to jump on the Parkway for a few miles. In the summertime, it can get extremely packed and you can sit on it for a while. The only way you won't sit in traffic is if you leave early in the morning or late at night. Peak times are rough and everyone from New Jersey knows this.

I have never been to Ocean City New Jersey. The beaches I grew up going to were in Seaside Heights. My girl Chris Rollins on the other hand vacations there every summer and has visited there many many times growing up. I know she'll be extremely angry about the news I just read on 6abc's website that said the Turnpike Authority may be closing the exit that gets you to Ocean City and Somers Point. The reasoning is Exit 30 brings drivers onto Laurel Drive, which is somewhat a residential area. When people are exiting they are driving through this area and it's creating a lot of traffic volume as well as danger to residents who live there year round. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority would like to close Exit 30 completely and drivers would have to take Exit 29 instead. No word on whether this will be approved or not, but this could mean a longer drive to Ocean City beaches for drivers who take the parkway.

For more info on this visit this article from 6abc.

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